About Me


Owner/Founder, Executive Coach

SAMIR CHAOUI was born in 1973 In the millennial city, of Fes, the Mecca of Moroccan architecture, art and crafting. He is a an interior designer and a master in carpentry who combines modernity and traditional know-how in his Work. His childhood was marked by the smell of wood in the workshops near his father’s shop. Samir joined “FES SCIAGE”, a 150 years old family business, In 1994 to expand his experience in design and home improvement In 2006, he decided to go to CANADA where he rubbed shoulders with the best artisans and designers in Montreal In 2008, Samir Returned to his home City of Fes To Build his soon to be an empire of art, design and creative spaces. Currently designs and produces custom furniture and objects that perfectly meet the needs and expectations of his clients. He works with patience and tenderness using glass, stone, metal … while achieving a unique product that is both creative and useful His masterpieces combine traditional and modern design and functionality. His list of clients and fans varies from big corporation , real estates giants to next door neighbors everybody finds what she or he is looking.